Susana—Our Queen of Milkshakes


We call her the Queen of the Milkshakes. Susana has brought us an infinity of new flavours including BubbleGumShake, LemonShake, PineappleAndCoconutShake, even HotChocolateShake. She's taken shakes to a new level.

“l like to come up with something different for the customers and the kids. The first one I tried was CoffeeShake. It tasted really nice," she says.

While milkshakes are popular in summer (this summer especially), you wouldn’t believe the number of people who buy shakes at the cafés during the winter. We think that's down to Susana's inventiveness. If there’s ever a World Milkshake Championship, you should put your money on her.

Susana's café life is about more than just milkshakes. “My job’s a little bit of everything, but I spend most of my time doing the coffee. I learned to be a barista in Portugal, when I was a teenager. All my life I’ve wanted to make the perfect cup. It’s a vocation, learning new things all the time," she says.

Her favourite cake is a strawberry tart, or the Portuguese custard tart. “I love baking, that’s my hobby. At home I even bake my own custard tarts," she says.

Susana has been with us for over four years (and lived in Ireland for 17 years), so she knows almost everyone. “I chose Ireland over London because my sister Cristina was living here. I love Ireland, I love everyone working here, I’m going to stay,” she says with a twinkle in her eye.

We asked Susana some quick questions:
Favourite movie? Deadpool
Jam or Marmalade? Marmalade
Chocolate or Ice Cream? Ice cream
Red or White Wine? White
Red or White Port? Red
Rain or Snow? Snow
Favourite music? Eclectic, including Nirvana and Metallica

And what about the customers? “My customers, I call them, they’re amazing. The most fabulous people come into our shop. I really, really like the customers," she responds.

And we really, really like her. A wonderful breath of inspiration and innovation for us all.

Roger Overall