Margaret—Our Longest-serving Baker/Confectioner


When you’ve been baking as long as Margaret, you’ve made your fair share of mistakes. And when you are as good at baking as Margaret, you don’t mind owning up to them. In fact, she chuckles with delight when she recalls some of her baking missteps. “There was a time when I forgot to put baking powder in the scones. They came out like stones. And once I didn’t put the plug in the mixing machine and two gallons of cream came out. It was everywhere!” she says.

Baking is Margaret’s lifeblood. She bakes as much outside of work as she does in our bakery. The combination of a large family (she has eight sisters and four brothers, all with children and grandchildren) and an ability to bake means she is rarely without a request for treats. Her apple pies are especially popular. Her secret? “I stew my apples to make them soft before I put them in the pie,” she says.

Scones, eclairs, meringue, chocolate cake… Margaret has pretty much tried everything and mastered them all. There is nothing she can’t turn her hand to in the bakery—except one thing. Her nemesis. Crème brûlée. Difficult to spell, a nightmare to make. “Don’t even put me near them. From day one, they never stuck with me,” she says.

Her favourite from the BiteSize line up? “I love the scones and the raspberry jam we make here in the bakery,” she says.

Margaret has been with us for 10 years. She can tell you the exact day she started and has seen the business grow and change. “The biggest change is how much we’re baking now compared to when I started. We used to make up a single lemon mix. Now we make up four or five at a time,” she says.

We’re hoping to grow further. And we’re hoping we have Margaret with us for the next 10 years as well.

Roger Overall