Levi—Our Weekend Warrior


There are two parts to Levi’s life that fit very nicely together. One the one hand, there is his work with us at BiteSize. He’s been with our Ballincollig café almost since it opened its doors in late 2017. It allows him to indulge regularly in one of his favourite treats: our raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake.

For most of us, regular cheesecake intake might bring unwanted wobble around the waist. But this is where another part of Levi’s life comes in. He is soon embarking on a personal fitness programme as part of a sponsored competition. His aim is to achieve the greatest transformation of the competitors and bag the €1,000 main prize.

“I haven’t done my ‘Before’ picture yet,” Levi says. Just a few more days and cheesecake slices to go before he does.

It goes without saying that Levi is a smart guy. He’s two years into a four-year Business Information Systems course at CIT, where he’s learning to code and build websites and apps. He has an eye firmly on the future. “The job prospects and the money are good,” he says.

We already know him to be a hard worker. He works as many hours as he can with us during the week, depending on his college roster. And he puts in 17-20 hours with us every weekend.

During those hours, he does pretty much any job in the café, from food prep to serving and doing the washing up. He’s the kind of man who isn’t afraid of any task. Well… most tasks. “I’m dreading starting on coffees,” he says. “I find them very complicated. But it’s important for me to learn if I want to work more mornings.”

We think he’ll be fine, based on our experience of his dedication and work ethic.

Roger Overall