Emma—More Than a Number


Two things you need to know about Emma Manning. One—she isn't a numbers person. Two—she doesn't really do coffee or Irish tea. You have to wonder why someone like that would work in a café in Midleton. So we asked her.

"It started as a summer job after my first year of college in 2016 and I enjoyed BiteSize so much I kept coming back to work whenever I could. I love the people here. My colleagues, we're just great friends. We even meet up after work. And the customers are great.

You get to know them. They really show an interest in us too. They ask me how my college is going, how I get up and down to classes in Waterford. They love having a catch-up chat," Emma says.

Speaking of college, for someone who admits to not being a numbers geek, Emma's choice of course might come as a surprise. She's studying for her Bachelor of Business honours degree specialising in economics and finance at the Waterford Institute of Technology—a study surely dripping with numbers. What gives?

"I like to challenge myself a bit," Emma says. Besides, she's got a keen eye on life after college, aiming for a career in the financial sector. Working in a bank appeals to her. Emma has the confidence of someone who knows what she wants.

It's the kind of confidence you'd expect from someone who works in a café but freely admits they don't care for the usual coffee and tea. She's not apologising for her preferences, thank you. "I prefer herbal teas. I also drink a lot of green tea," Emma says. Naturally, when the weather is cold, she'll take a hot chocolate as readily as the next person.

Which brings us to a final point about working with us at BiteSize. Her favourite treat. Lemon meringue tartlet. "It's delicious. And you don't see it everywhere," she says. Emma speaks with authority. Her favourite thing outside of work is to spend time with friends and she always makes sure they meet somewhere with good food. She has a keen sense of Cork's cafés. You could say she has their number.

Roger Overall