Compostable Takeaway Coffee Cups


Ideally, everyone who comes to the cafés for a takeaway coffee would bring their own reusable cup (we sell KeepCups, by the way). More and more people are. It's wonderful to see. But not everyone can.

Like many other cafés, we've been looking at how to ensure that the takeaway cups we do provide can be returned to nature as easily as possible. So we've switched to fully compostable lids and cups. Processed properly (ie. not just flung into the glorious Irish countryside), these cups will degrade naturally. We're also introducing special collection bins outside our cafés.

At the same time, we're trialling easily compostable alternatives to plates. These will dramatically reduce the environmental impact of washing up. Also, we have to replace a stack of chipped and broken china plates and cups every week. The environmental cost of producing new ware is higher than using compostable alternatives.

We even tried to look at how compostable our staff are, but their union told us that was taking things too far.