Chelsie—Fearless Dancer


Chelsie Wright, who works as a full-time café assistant in our Ballincollig café, isn’t short on courage. At the age of 17, she left Ireland and went to Leicester in the UK to follow a three-year dance course. “I look back at it now, and I wonder what possessed me,” she says. “But I was just so excited to be going to learn more about dancing.”

Dancing is Chelsie’s passion. She has known for a long time what career she wants. And she’ll be taking an even bigger plunge to make her dreams come true later this year. She’s off to London in September to throw herself into the world of casting and auditions. “This time, I’m a bit nervous,” she admits. Nevertheless, she knows that London’s entertainment industry will offer her huge opportunities.


Chelsie has done all she can to tip the odds in her favour. She dances, sings and acts—a combination known as the Triple Threat in showbiz circles. It’s a mix of talents that fills others who only have one or two skills with dread.

If that weren’t enough, Chelsie has mastered a remarkable array of dance styles: modern, classical, commercial, tap, jazz and musical. Commercial dancing appeals to her the most. “It’s the kind of dancing you see in music videos. My absolute dream would be to work with Beyoncé,” Chelsie says.

But it’s not the US singer/songwriter’s stardom that attracts Chelsie. “I love what she promotes. She is very real, very empowering. She encourages you to feel confident in your own body and accept who you are. She is also a big family person. I think these things are important too: family and never forgetting where you came from,” Chelsie says.

That’s good news for us. When she’s famous, she’ll still call in for her favourite BiteSize treat: crispy squares—especially delicious when they are just out of the oven. “I could eat a whole tray if I were allowed,” she says. Given the energetic career she’s embarking on, she might need to.

Roger Overall