Adam—Criminally Good


Adam McCarthy has been with us for a year, working in our Midleton café. He says the best thing about the job is working with his colleagues and looking after customers.

Unsurprisingly, he’s a people person, which shows in his original choice of profession. “I trained to be a healthcare assistant,” he says. But while he enjoyed the theory and the training, he discovered the job itself wasn’t a good fit: “It’s hard to say why, but I just found it wasn’t for me.”

Nevertheless, he is still drawn to a supporting role in the medical field. He has six months left on a course to become a medical secretary. Most people would be exhausted after a café shift. Not Adam. He has the energy and drive to work full-time with us and attend college in the evenings. “I have a full-time and a part-time job,” he says, smiling.

In what spare time he has, he likes to watch real-life crime series and documentaries. He’s less interested in fictional crime. Reality often trumps fiction in the world of crime in terms of mystery and audacity.

For someone interested in crime, Adam’s choice of coffee comes as little surprise. “Americano.” he says. The world of crime isn’t one you associate with decaf almond milk lattés. It calls for a harder-nosed drink. He draws the line at instant coffee, though, almost shocked at the suggestion. As if the stuff itself is a crime.

Roger Overall