Louise—Baker and Roller Derby Enthusiast


Here are words you won't hear often. Asked what her favourite thing about working with BiteSize is, baker Louise Crowley answers immediately, "The early start."

Asked whether we heard right, she confirms her preference for 5AM starts with a smile. "It means I finish early," she says, "which means I get to spend a lot of time with my little daughter."

It's not long before you realise her daughter is the focal point of Louise's life. Not even her love of baking can come close.

And that's saying something. Louise has been with us for two years and is one of those people who lives to bake. She learned from her grandmothers and mother, and carried her interest into her professional life. When you speak with her, she brims with enthusiasm about dough and cake mixtures.


The best thing we bake at BiteSize? Louise doesn't have to look far. In front of her are a dozen or so chocolate fudge cakes she is making. "It's very hard not to like chocolate cake," she says. She adds that it's her favourite thing to eat and her favourite thing to make. The perfect relationship.

In her spare time, Louise is a fan of roller derby. "It's great fun. You get all of your aggression out of your system and get fit," she explains. She has less time for it since her daughter was born. That suits us. We don't want her to get injured. In fact, if we could, we'd swaddle her in bubble wrap at the end of her shift. It's important to look after your people. Especially when they are as good as Louise.

Roger Overall