Cristina—Your Happiness Is Her Priority


Cristina Rosa, who is part of the team in the Midleton café, has been working in cafés since she was 14 or 15 years old. For many years, she did so in her native Lisbon. The last couple, she’s been with us, having moved to Ireland 17 years ago. You could almost say, cafés are her calling.

“I like making people happy and seeing them happy with what they get in the café,” she says.

Customer happiness isn’t left to chance. Cristina is in as early as possible to make sure everything is just right before the café opens. “I have to have everything organised and tidy, otherwise I get cross,” she says. Arriving early is second nature to her. In Lisbon, the cafés open early, usually at 7am.


One of our most popular treats are our pasteis de natas, custard tarts that are a specialty in Portugal. What does Cristina think of them? “I think they are very good. They taste different from the ones at home, but they are very good,” she answers. Although, given a choice between ours and her own, she doesn’t miss a beat and replies immediately, “Mine.”

She’s equally honest when it comes to things she doesn’t like doing at BiteSize. It’s something of an inside joke at BiteSize that Cristina hates email. She’ll make you an amazing coffee (with her signature flower foam art) with love and care. Just don’t ask her to deal with an email with a cake order. Fortunately, others can take care of that, leaving Cristina to do what she does best: making sure you have a great visit to the café.

Roger Overall