Andrea—The Rock behind the Scenes

Andrea is our back-office dynamo

Andrea is our back-office dynamo

No business lasts very long without a strong administrative backbone. Ours is called Andrea. She’s brilliant. We’d be as floppy as a failed soufflé without her.

Andrea runs our corporate nerve centre above our bakery kitchen. You might be surprised to learn that she doesn’t think this is a very good working environment.

“There’s too much temptation,” she says. “When I come in in the mornings, the smell from the fresh baking is incredible. I try to keep away as much as I can.”

Of course, she’s only human, so she does cave in eventually. Our jam and madeira cheesecakes are her Achilles' Heel. “I love them when they are just out of the oven, even before the icing goes on,” she says.

The variety of the work at BiteSize is one of the things she enjoys most. It’s hectic, there is the occasional brush with celebrity (Enda Kenny and Roy Keane are two of the names she knows who have eaten our treats) and there is always something that needs her guiding hand.

In spite of all the bustle, the office is something of a sanctuary at the moment. She has just come back from maternity leave, so home is a busy place as well. “My real work starts when I go home,” she smiles.

Based on our experience, home must be an exceptionally well run place.

Roger Overall