Cinzia—Head Barista

Cinzia makes sure our coffee is the best it can be

Cinzia makes sure our coffee is the best it can be

Our head barista was raised on coffee. Having grown up in Milan, Cinzia was introduced to coffee at a young age. "Even as a child, we were allowed to have coffee," she says. It's as much a part of daily life as tea is for us.

Nevertheless, the explosion of ways in which people take their coffee is something that surprises even an Italian.

"In Italy, we traditionally drink espresso, macchiato and cappuccino. That's pretty much it. Now, there are so many different ways of drinking coffee," says Cinzia, who has just completed an intensive specialist barista training course. There isn't any type of coffee she can't make now.

And she takes huge pride in it being done the right way: "Making a good coffee takes thought and precision," she says.

Even though she has lived in Ireland for several years now, one thing still seems peculiar to her. In Italy, cappuccino is only drunk in the morning. Never later in the day. "In Italy, they'd think you were crazy if you had it after 12 o'clock," she says.

Don't worry, though. She'll still make you one with a smile. She loves Ireland and the Irish, so she can forgive the occasional transgression. "Ireland is home," she says. "I've always felt welcome, from the day I arrived here."

All we can say is that we're glad she did leave Milan and ended up in our café.

Roger Overall