Introducing Kasia Zietak, Midleton Café Manager

Kasia is very clear about what makes her job wonderful. "The team," she says. "They really understand what the café is all about. They want to look after you. They make time for you. They want your coffee to be right."For Kasia cafés are about community. It's one of the things that makes managing one so appealing to her. "It's a place where you meet lots of people and make friends," she says.

Coffee-wise, Kasia likes strong coffee. She loves Morning Growler from Cork Coffee Roasters. Style-wise, she's a latte person.

If you ask her for a recommendation about the treats you can buy to go with your coffee, you'll end up with a lemon tart. "It's not too sharp and not too sweet," she explains. "Just right."

And "just right" sums up how she wants you to experience your visit to the café.

Roger Overall